Advanced Analytics

Visualizing Value

Operating Partners has developed a proprietary data, analytics & visual insights platform.

Operating Lens™

VCs, PEs and Family Office investment professionals have been leveraging data and analysis
to drive investment decision for decades. The highest performing funds leverage the latest in
advanced analytics for decision critical support across their portfolio companies.

Big Data can be intimidating to small GPs, which is why we focus on ‘Smart Data.
Our innovative digital tools help you transform PE fund and portfolio business data into
meaningful information that can be visualized to drive improved operating performance, while
enabling immediate transparency for management teams, boards and investors.

Objectives & Key Results

OKRs are a framework for defining and tracking objectives and their outcomes.

OKRs comprise an objective [clearly defined goal] and several key results [specific metrics]
used to track the achievement of that goal. The goal of an OKR is to define how to achieve
objectives through concrete, specific and measurable actions. Key results can be measured
on a 0-100% scale or any numerical unit (e.g. dollar amount, %, items, etc.). Objectives
should also be supported by initiatives, which are the plans and activities that help to achieve
the objective and move forward the key results.